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Email Marketing Audit

Email Marketing is important – in fact it can be vital for creating and building loyalty and trust for your brand or business. However, an Email Marketing Audit could be even more important for your business to really succeed.

However, if your campaigns are falling on deaf clicks (and conversions) then let Espresseo look at what is not working and make recommendations on how to really take your email marketing forward.

We will consider mobile optimisation, A/B split testing, design and coding issues and even at what email marketing provider you have chosen to go with.

Choosing Espresseo guarantees professionalism plus 15 years of digital marketing experience. We’ll find the solution to your issues and boost your website performance.

Email Marketing Audit
Email Marketing Audit

Why use Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a cost-effective solution for all sizes of businesses, from micros to SMEs to large corporations.

Regardless of size, it give them all the ability to reach customers in the place they have to visit every day — their email inbox.

10 Reasons to use email marketing:

  • No matter the device, you can reach customers anywhere.
  • It looks professional
  • Get results straight-away
  • It will generate leads
  • Promote new services
  • Help to attract new clients
  • It helps to build credibility
  • It can give your sales an immediate boost.
  • Helps to strengthen relationships
  • You learn what works and do more of it


Email Marketing Audit

FREE Mini-SEO Audit


Your site will be reviewed and analysed by one of the Espresseo Team. This means that you will receive your mini-seo audit that has been compiled by a real person rather than by some automated software.

So fill out your details, give us a day or so to put together our analysis and one of the team will reach out  to you and schedule a time to go over the results.

Free Mini SEO Audit

Worried about your site? Is the first page of Google simply a dream?

Let us discover the main issues affecting your site.

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